Improving health and lifestyle self‑monitoring through significantly better sensors

Our technology enables significantly more sensitive and more accurate sensors for our healthcare product and wearable technology partners.

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We partner with healthcare product and wearable technology manufacturers to improve the accuracy and sensitivity of their sensors, helping them to make products that improve lives.


Our sensors dramatically increase the signal to noise ratio and hence the sensitivity with which we can detect an input signal is increased by 2 to 3 orders of magnitude.


The margin of error between sensor measurement and the actual value is reduced significantly.


For wearable applications that require implantable sensors, our sensors can be manufactured at a fraction of the width of current implantable devices.

How we partner

We work closely with like-minded healthcare and wearable tech clients to build products that give them a competitive edge and improve lives.  To do this, we combine our expertise and technology with theirs, develop a deep understanding of what is needed and deliver projects in a phase-by-phase approach.

What we offer

We provide both products and services.  We offer a technology that delivers high-sensitivity and high-accuracy sensors for use in both existing and new applications.  Our sensor technology and expertise can be tailored to the needs of our clients, applying, adapting or integrating our sensors as required.

Our tech applications

We most commonly work with manufacturers of healthcare and wearable tech products, which include sensors for self-monitoring purposes like diabetes (glucose measurement), health, wellness and wound-care.  Our technology can make sensors for any type of product, though, and we tailor our approach for each partner.

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