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New Gold Nanoelectrode

07 Oct 2013

Gold NanoelectrodeIntroducing the CAVIARETM Nanoelectrode Kit, Gold 303D

Making it even simpler to replace your existing electrode

The new 50 nm gold electrode extends the applicability of the CAVIARE™ range.

In addition to the benefits all CAVIARE™ electrodes offer, benefits of the gold electrode include:

  • Wider solvent window
  • Less reactive than platinum Immediate access to modification chemistries (e.g. thiol chemistries)
  • Ability to work with a wide range of self assembled monolayer systems
  • Significant performance improvements for fundamental and analytical bioelectrochemical applications
  • High performance ASV (trace metal analysis) without the need for rotating disc electrodes
  • Low LODs for the electrochemical detection of carbohydrates

CAVIARE™ Nanoelectrodes

CAVIARETM Nanoelectrodes are high-functioning electrodes that offer sensitive and reliable data for electrochemical research and measurements. They have been designed to interface directly with your existing electrochemical equipment. CAVIARETMNanoelectrodes offer increased sensitivity (lower limits of detection) and an exceptionally broad window for the study of kinetics (enabling the study of rapid kinetic processes).

CAVIARETM Nanoelectrodes enable you to extend your applications through unrivalled performance with reliable and robust design, which create reproducible data.

Benefits & Features of the CAVIARE™ electrode:

  • High Sensitivity: 1000x lower limits of detection *
  • Enhanced Mass Transport: measurement of 100x faster kinetics possible *
  • Hydrodynamics: not influenced by stirring or perturbations
  • Fast Cyclic Voltammetry: possible at 10 V s-1

* Compared to a 100 µm disc electrode

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