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Steve Lock Joins NanoFlex

12 Oct 2012

NanoFlex is pleased to announce that Steve Lock will be joining the NanoFlex team with immediate effect.

Mr. Lock’s primary role at NanoFlex will encompass that of principal quality and production advisor.

Steve brings with him a strong background in scientific and biomedical instrumentation gained in the roles of principal technical designer, project manager and scientific advisor, over the last 20 years plus. Steve has played a leading role in the design and development for manufacture of a diverse range of products from automated DNA extract systems to Mass Spectrometers to micro-fluidic devices.

Prior to this Steve spent over 15 years in applied research at Unilever Central Research Laboratories in Bedford, UK. Mr. Lock has also held a number of commercial roles working with international market leaders such as Heraeus, Nikon, Shandon Scientific and Corning. His primary focus was in strategic branding & international marketing.

Steve holds a primary degree in Physiology & Pharmacology from the University of Hertford (UK), followed by post-graduate Marketing Communications Diploma at the Manchester Business School & The Institute of Marketing.

Welcome Steve!

If you are interested in becoming part of the NanoFlex team please send your CV to Amy Farrington, at