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CAVIARE™ Nanoband Array, Gold 303D (NP3110)

One Piece Moulded

Product Description

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The CAVIARE™ Nanoband Array, Gold 303D is a high performance working electrode for electrochemical research or analytical measurements.   This 50 nm band electrode array offers high sensitivity (low limits of detection) and an exceptionally broad window for the study of kinetics (enabling the study of rapid kinetic processes).

The electrodes are robust and have a considerable lifetime.  The surface can be electrochemically regenerated.  

Enabling: Extend your applications through unrivalled performance
Accessible: Simply replace your existing electrode
Reliable: Reproducible data from a robust design

This One Piece Moulded version is designed to provide an entry level product to the CAVIARE™ Nanoband Array range.

Technical Specifications

Nanoband Array Substrate

Electrode MaterialGold
Electrode Thickness    50 nm
Support Materials        Silicon, Silicon Nitride, Silicon Oxide
Active electrode area0.01 mm²


Material                                             Polyamide
Shaft Diameter                        6.5 mm
Overall Length                          115 mm
Termination                      1.5 mm gold pin

Measurement range

Voltage                              -2000 mV to 2000 mV
Current                              -0.5 mA to 0.5 mA
Temperature                    oC to 50 oC

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