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Developing Applications for the Healthcare, Wearable and other Sectors

Our clients frequently have chemical measurement and sensor applications that are limited by the sensitivity that is achievable with conventional electrochemical methods.  They wish to push to lower limits of detection and more robust measurement in fields as diverse as wearable technology, environmental monitoring, in vitro diagnostics, process control, security/defence, and battery technology.  

We work with our clients to develop cost effective solutions that incorporate our own patented technology into standard electrochemical equipment.  Our high performance electrodes provide levels of detection, sensitivity and kinetics that are two or three orders of magnitude better than those of conventional electrodes and which can be engineered to match the needs of each application.  We can identify the optimal electrode architecture and develop and validate the analytical protocols needed.  

In this way we can provide a robust solution that meets our clients’ needs and yet is based on comparatively simple electrochemical methods rather than on more expensive and complex techniques that might otherwise be required.

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