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Nano-scale electrodes, including nanoparticles, have been around for a number of years, but were confined to academic research laboratories due to fabrication constraints.  NanoFlex has a patented approach to the fabrication of nano-scale and nanoband array electrodes.  NanoFlex’s approach to nanoband array electrodes benefits from three main defining features:

Nanoband•  The fabrication process is defined comfortably within the manufacturing tolerances of the processes used thus enabling structures to be manufactured reproducibly;

  • •   The critical dimension of the electrode is defined on the nanoscale by the nanoband.This results in an electrode which benefits from all the effects of nanoscale electrochemistry such as high sensitivity and enhanced mass transport;

  • •   An array of almost 2000 nanobands produces substantial measurement signals which are similar to those produced by a macroelectrode eliminating the need for high performance instrumentation.

Figure 1.  Scanning Electron Micrograph (SEM) of a CAVIARE™ Nanoband Array Electrode.  The nanoband electrode seen here is 50 nm in width.

Applications of the technology can be found here.

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