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Nanoflex Secures NPIF Funding

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NanoFlex Limited are pleased to announce that it has secured investment funding from NPIF – Maven Equity Finance, part of the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund (NPIF).

The fund is delivered by MSIF working with Maven Capital Partners in the Liverpool City Region.

NanoFlex will use the funding to explore new business opportunities for the technology to develop a pipeline of products.

Neville Freeman, NanoFlex CEO, said:

“We have integrated our enabling technology into customer’s products for the healthcare market. We expect the first manufactured products to reach the market Q1/Q2 2018. We are very excited to receive this funding as it will enable us to accelerate the roll out of our technology and we expect to see more devices featuring NanoFlex innovation in the near future.”

Andy Round, MSIF Investment Director, who delivered the investment on behalf of Maven Capital Partners, said:

“We are delighted to be able to support NanoFlex and allow them to continue working on further developing their diagnostic sensor technology.

“The technology they are working on could have a massive impact on our health sector, so I’m excited to see what Neville and the team design in the near future.”

NanoFlex welcomes Robert Stanton to the team

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Nanoflex is pleased to announce the appointment of Robert Stanton as Business Development Manager.  Robert will be a valuable addition to the team being responsible for the development of new business and client management.  Robert’s background is in product and market development in the healthcare technologies sector. Prior to joining Nanoflex, Robert served as Business Development Manager at Medtronic and earlier Coviden with responsibilities for generating growth through strategic licensing deals.

Delivering A Wearable Sensor

By | Case Study

What was needed:

One of the world’s leading educational and research groups approached Nanoflex to develop and fabricate a sensor that would meet with the specific requirements of their customer’s project.  This specification required the incorporation of Nanoflex’s nanoscale technology.  An additional challenge was the very short timescale, and the integration with electronics that were on a parallel development path.  The final deliverable would be a complete measuring system.

What we did:

Establishing the functional design and specification came first.  This incorporated several rounds of revisions and approvals within a complex matrix environment.  With the final approval in place, our team could start the detailed work.  Design for manufacture was an essential part of this project.  Nanoflex works very closely with their fabricators to ensure that the design was fit for purpose and scaled manufacturing.  Throughout the project, the entire process was carefully monitored, while offering flexibility for the development of the electronics.  At the final stage, the sensors were fully characterised to ensure they had the desired electrochemical characteristics and performance.

What the results were:

In a nine-week period, start to finish, Nanoflex designed, characterised, managed the fabrication and delivered the required batches of sensors to the customer on time and within budget.

Evaluation of Novel Electrode Materials

By | Case Study

What was needed:

A global materials supplier approached Nanoflex to help develop some marketing communications materials for a novel electrode material.  The evaluation required Nanoflex to test and compare materials against traditional materials used in commercial examples of fingers stick applications.  The final report needed to be formatted in a clear visual and written presentation to align with the company’s marketing collateral.

What we did:

Understanding the customer’s requirements was our first priority.  With this in mind, we proposed that not only would we deliver a package of work to provide proof data for the collateral, but that we would also devise a convincing demonstration model which could be used by the customer.  This needed to be both concise and relevant to the intended application.  An initial period was spent devising the demonstration and ensuring that the proposed solution fulfilled all the needs of the customer.

Once the project deliverables had been agreed, the fabrication of test devices commenced.  Despite very challenging timelines, a preliminary data report was made available during the early stages of the project to meet with the customers needs.  The project continued testing and producing a large number of sensors, the demonstration model was successfully completed and the final project report was delivered on time and to budget.

What the results were:

In a ten-week period, start to finish, Nanoflex delivered the body of proof data, which the customer is now using to promote their novel electrode material in various pieces of marketing collateral, while also having the advantages of a show and tell demonstrator to use in conjunction with their marketing literature.

What they said:

“It was solid robust work that we simply could not have done by ourselves…. so very much appreciated,”