Case Study

Delivering A Wearable Sensor

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What was needed:

One of the world’s leading educational and research groups approached Nanoflex to develop and fabricate a sensor that would meet with the specific requirements of their customer’s project.  This specification required the incorporation of Nanoflex’s nanoscale technology.  An additional challenge was the very short timescale, and the integration with electronics that were on a parallel development path.  The final deliverable would be a complete measuring system.

What we did:

Establishing the functional design and specification came first.  This incorporated several rounds of revisions and approvals within a complex matrix environment.  With the final approval in place, our team could start the detailed work.  Design for manufacture was an essential part of this project.  Nanoflex works very closely with their fabricators to ensure that the design was fit for purpose and scaled manufacturing.  Throughout the project, the entire process was carefully monitored, while offering flexibility for the development of the electronics.  At the final stage, the sensors were fully characterised to ensure they had the desired electrochemical characteristics and performance.

What the results were:

In a nine-week period, start to finish, Nanoflex designed, characterised, managed the fabrication and delivered the required batches of sensors to the customer on time and within budget.