Our technology

Our technology enables our partners to create diagnostic sensor products that change lives. It produces electrochemical biosensors that are significantly more sensitive and accurate than is otherwise possible.

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Sensor excellence

Nanoscale electrochemical sensors have traditionally been tricky, time-consuming and costly to make.  This is because they’ve always been defined horizontally, requiring extraordinarily high precision.

Our patented technology allows us to work vertically, using a cookie-cutter approach that uses the precision of thin film technologies, without sacrificing quality.  The result is a sensor that provides the same output as conventional analogue alternatives, but with substantially lower noise.  It’s a simple idea, but one with a number of benefits:

Sensor excellence

  • Sensors are produced with significantly higher sensitivities and accuracies than those produced via other methods.
  • Sensors can be fabricated in a wide range of materials and medias, processed in high volume, to high quality and with excellent reproducibility.
  • Sensors are robust, longer lasting and can be integrated into existing products without affecting the form-factor.

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